About Us

In 2012, Shell Foundation, the independent charity, and GroFin, a pioneering development finance organisation, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) founded the Nomou programme through a restricted donation of US$50M from the Shell Group. The objectives of the programme are to create sustainable employment, economic growth, and positive social impact through the nurturing and expansion of a sustainable small and medium sized business sector in the Middle East and North Africa. This cooperation between Shell Foundation and GroFin is built on a 10-year strategic partnership which has resulted in a proven unique, portable, and scalable solution for the development of sustainable SMEs.

Nomou, meaning growth in Arabic, provides access to medium-term risk capital and value-adding business support—an integrated solution to the under-served entrepreneurs of SMEs in Oman, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. The Nomou programme through GroFin’s management delivers best in class services for dedicated entrepreneurs of start-up or existing SMEs. Through these services, Nomou is increasing the capacity of the grossly under-served SME sector, thus developing supply chains and helping to create much needed employment.