Development and Impact

Regional unemployment in MENA is the highest in the world. This disproportionately affects young people and women. Tackling this challenge is critical to sustainable development and economic growth in the region. Nomou reports on a quadruple bottom line: measuring social, economic, environmental, and governance effects of the programme’s SME investments. Additionally, the Nomou funds reports on a range of added key impact metrics such as access to: healthcare; education; water; food security; and recycling.

Nomou recognises the central role the programme clients play in generating positive impact through their businesses. Therefore, impact reporting is based on the real attributable impact of the funds’ involvement with a client for the duration of the investment.

Over the next 10 years, Nomou seeks to invest in and support 600 start-ups as well as existing SMEs which will create more than 15,000 sustainable jobs, and improve an estimated 195,000 livelihoods in the MENA region.


Please click on the image below for our latest Impact Report for 2015:

Nomou Report_front and back cover