Nomou for SMEs

In the Middle East and North Africa, SMEs have the potential to play a key role in inclusive economic growth through contributing to the GDP and creating much-needed employment. However, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start or grow a sustainable business face many challenges. These include finding a committed and entrepreneurial partner that is able to provide finance structured in accordance with the needs of their business and who can assist with access to business services and market networks that will improve their chances of success.

Nomou confronts these problems by emulating the proven GroFin model of support beyond finance. The award-winning approach combines appropriate finance with expert value-adding business support for the duration of the partnership. Nomou offers an integrated solution that addresses the need for access to finance and access to vital services needed by SMEs.

Partnering with committed entrepreneurs and business owners not only helps them achieve their objectives of developing a successful enterprise but also contributes to their communities’ socio-economic development.