Nomou Model

The Nomou Model

The Nomou Fund delivers an integrated solution of patient risk finance and long term business support to entrepreneur-owned start-ups and existing SMEs.

Nomou provides entrepreneurs with more than finance — the model is a strategic blend of financial and value adding business support that allows companies to grow and extend their financial base. The Fund focuses on SMEs in high impact sectors and supply chains of large corporations to deliver on its impact objectives of sustainable employment and local socio-economic impact. By following commercial principles and showcasing a sustainable investment model, Nomou seeks to influence the application of a sustainable SME development policy.

The Nomou programme is managed by GroFin and replicates the success of the proven GroFin model in the MENA region.

The GroFin Model

Co-founded by fund manager GroFin and independent charity Shell Foundation in 2004, the GroFin model has been applied successfully to Sub-Saharan African countries for over a decade.

The GroFin model is recognised internationally, having won the 2007 Africa Investor Award, the 2008 Africa Investor Award for Best Initiative in Support of SME Development, the 2010 World Business and Development Award, the 2013 Ghana Finance Award as well as the 2015 Ghana-Africa Business Award for outstanding contribution to Ghana’s development in the context of NEPAD.


The Nomou Model