Our Process

We actively support our SME clients throughout the entire investment period, helping them successfully navigate difficult operating environments, increase market share, and grow their business to its fullest potential.

Step 1: Apply

After completing an application, each applicant is assigned an investment manager who checks their business needs against our investment criteria and a decision is made as to whether we are able to proceed with the application.

Step 2: Support

If our initial review is positive, we provide expert pre-finance business support to help finalise a potential clients’ application and business plan. Our analysis provides applicants with a financial model which, along with their business plan, is a roadmap for their business, highlighting potential opportunities and key risks to be addressed.

Step 3: Finance

If the outcome of our business analysis of the application is positive, it is then presented to our board. Our board provides a final approval of the application including the structuring of finance to be provided and any relevant terms and conditions. This information is detailed in our offer letter to the client.

Once the client has formally accepted and met all conditions and requirements of the offer letter, implementation can proceed. At this point, clients become liable for any interest and capital repayments as per the repayment schedule agreed with them.

Step 4: Grow

Our integrated solution provides more than money. We provide our clients with continuous value-adding business support for the duration of the finance period, focusing on their business’ needs. Our support is designed to enhance the success of our clients’ business while helping them implement their business plan.

Step 5: Review

On payment of the final instalment according to an agreed financial plan or other agreed settlement, our formal involvement with our clients’ business ends. While additional funding and on-going support can be discussed with us at any point, final settlement is a good time for clients to review their business plans and discuss any further finance and support needed.