Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start or grow a business face many challenges. These include finding a committed and entrepreneurial partner who is able to provide finance that is structured according to the needs of their business and being able to access experienced business support, services, and networks that improve their chances of success.

The Nomou programme operates on the GroFin model of integrated support and finance. Clients meet with GroFin Investment Managers who work with them, providing pre-investment business guidance and continual business support for the investment term.

GroFin, an award-winning SME development finance organisation, understands the challenges faced by SMEs operating in difficult environments. With an innovative approach that assesses businesses plans based on their viability, GroFin has supported thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start or grow their enterprises.

GroFin’s pioneering solution provides support beyond finance. GroFin partners with committed entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their aspirations and business objectives through starting or growing successful enterprises.

Nomou Criteria

  • Nomou works with hands-on entrepreneurs of locally managed formal or informal businesses.
  • Nomou clients represent enterprises in a variety of sectors including health, education, energy, wholesale, and manufacturing.
  • The Nomou team is passionate about assisting dedicated entrepreneurs who recognise that they need business skills and market linkage support to enhance their viability.
  • The Nomou model acknowledges that often business owners lack the track record and/or collateral needed to secure loans from traditional lending institutions and, therefore, selects clients based on GroFin’s proprietary viability model.

Nomou Offering

  • Flexible loans ranging from 3-8 years
  • Patient capital of US$100,000 up to US$1.5M (in local currency equivalent)
  • Business support services including marketing, supply chains access, and human capital development
  • A quick response time