In an effort to increase the potential success of its clients, the Nomou team develops a long-term personal relationship with each entrepreneur, creating a suitable deal structure repayment period and providing continuous business support based on the particular needs of the business.

Integrated Business Support

In the Nomou model, business support is a continuous value added service, providing entrepreneurs with access to industry experts before the investment and throughout its term. Beginning at application stage, Nomou business support offers business owners an objective and professional perspective on their business plan, their perceived needs, viability, risks, and potential areas of improvement. During the investment period, the business growth phase, Nomou post-investment business support focuses on financial management, marketing and sales support, gaining access to new markets, operational management, strategic planning, business counselling, and managing in accordance with environmental governance standards.

  • Flexible loans ranging from 3-8 years
  • Patient capital of US$1K to US$1.5M (in local currency equivalent)
  • A quick response time