Local Partners

The Nomou programme develops partnerships with credible local trade groups, government ministries, development agencies, and large organisations with extensive supply chains and other local SME stakeholders to provide support and development assistance to small businesses seeking sustainable growth. Through these partners and managers, Nomou achieves its mission by providing best in class services focused on supplying access to finance and market linkages to start-ups as well as existing small and growing businesses. By increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs and their businesses, Nomou is developing supply chains and helping to create much-needed employment.

The in-country network of business associations, accountants, SME consultants, SME focused banks, non-bank financial institutions that offer complementary products and services, investment funds that focus on different segments of the market, government agencies, embassies, UN agencies, business networks, and other local SME stakeholders, further Nomou’s effort to provide comprehensive business support services to SMEs. By building a lasting relationship with these networks, Nomou is able to generate a steady flow of qualified entrepreneurs seeking our integrated support solution.